Mimosa was  established in 1972 by Youssef Shalhoub, B.Sc. (Applied Chemistry), Managing Directory.


40 employees including sales and service engineers.


Modern office in an exclusive area of Damascus

Spacious Showroom

Dedicated Service Center Representatives in major Syrian cities


Testing Laboratories (food/feed, agriculture, water, soil, materials, ... etc) - Scientific and educational supplies - Dental supplies, light curing instruments and composites - An daughter company (Mimosa for Environment Protection Systems)

 Clinical Laboratories and Medical Hospital Supplies

Was established to handle:

 - Water treatment systems

- Water treatment supplies: automatic filters (media, carbon) softeners, deionizers, reverse osmosis, ultra violet, chemical dosing pumps, filter housing, cartridges. Special designs for pharmaceutical, food manufacturing and haemodialysis. Instruments for water analysis, testing and monitoring.

- Occupational safety supplies, including personal safety items (helmets, respirators, self-contained breathing apparatus, gas masks, ear muffs, glasses, protective suits, ...etc) and measuring instruments for alarm against explosive and toxic gases.


Mimosa exclusively represents a selection of world leading manufacturers and suppliers from Europe, USA and Japan.